The Greatest Game There Is

What does life mean to you? Do you just struggle, work and worry? Do you lament the fact that life is hard, relentless? Or do you mix the hardships with a little fun, with the zest of competition and the knowledge that the best man wins?

Let us be truthful. Have you not often thought to yourself that there is no justice because a chosen few had every material thing you have always wanted, while you were obliged to plod along in the same rut day after day? Of course you have, now and then, but you would not be human if you did not, at times, harbor such thoughts.

But, life is not nearly as serious as we make it, nor as unfair as we may at times resentfully feel. Think back. Have you ever wholeheartedly entered into the spirit of a game, or a sport, or a novel – and found that in your absorption you had forgotten your troubles and worries for that while? This is due to the simple reason that for the time being you were not nourishing these troubles with your attention.

Life can be made a game, a very interesting and enjoyable game, and it is simple. Get into the spirit of life. It’s the greatest game there is. Get rid of any fatalistic attitude. Convince yourself that life is just what you make it, and play the game right. Stop making a burden of it, and your fatigue will be lessened, your load will be lighter. Don’t weep over it. It is just as easy to smile, and so infinitely more worthwhile. This is possible in spite of almost every trial and aggravation. Learn to smile, and you may transform a life that is a mere drab existence, into a life of glorious experience, overcoming difficulties and winning success and happiness.

A lesson is to be found in this beautiful poem, entitled “LIFE—AS IT COMES:”

“I asked of life all lovely things, she laughed and turned away.
I sought that which I craved to gain, but they passed me on the way.
‘Twas then I turned to laugh through life, I knew I’d asked a lot,
Too much for her to grant—and so futile quest forgot.
But now that I am full content with such as comes my way,
Life heaps into my careless hands some lovely things each day.”

It is an inescapable law of life that the more we ask of life, the less we may receive, but the more we give to life, of the best that is within us, the more each unfolding hour will bless us with fulfilled wishes, peace, happiness and contentment.

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