[VIDEO] Achieving Perfect Health (Bashar)

Achieving Perfect Health (Bashar)

Listen to Bashar's 6 Tips to Achieving Perfect Health:

“These ideas are simply the foundation of health, and if you will allow yourself to recognize that these are very simple things that can be added to your life, you will understand that in, shall we just say for analogy sake, 99.9999999999999% of the cases, these 6 ideas alone will eliminate almost any chance you will ever have of contracting any kind of disease in your life at all.”
– Bashar

[VIDEO] Achieving Perfect Health (Bashar)

Bashar on Perfect Health:

“Many individuals on your planet are very concerned about their health at this time for a variety of reasons and they are recognizing that perhaps their environmental is not necessarily conducive to health as you might like it to be.”

And thus you are finding yourselves for quite some time and perhaps now at an accelerated rate afflicted with many different kinds of diseases and conditions that are not necessarily representative of your ideal state of natural beingness, or what you might call simply – health.”

Let us talk about the basics that need to be involved before you really focus on any kind of specific symptomatology that might be connected to any particular kind of labeled disease – one of the exotic variety of many of the things that you have on your planet.”

Let us talk about what is necessary to incorporate in your lives if you really want to lay a foundation for health.”

Achieving Perfect Health (Bashar)

Summary: 6 Tips to Achieving Perfect Health

As Bashar mentions in the video above, the principles for perfect health are as follows:

1. Oxygen:

Oxygen is the main foundation for achieving perfect health and what our bodies require the most of. Oxygen is needed in order for our cells to be able to regenerate and replenish. Bashar recommends practicing an activity to increase oxygen in the system, such as yoga, deep breathing techniques and relaxation techniques.

2. Hydration:

Our bodies are made up of around 70% water and it absolutely vital to replenish this water on a daily basis. Many of the ailments and diseases being experienced today, including weight-gain, are actually symptoms of dehydration. Many people ingest substances that dehydrate our bodies even more, such as coffee, and therefore it is essential to replace this water.

“But you must understand something very important: When you are actually thirsty, that is your body’s final signal that you do not have enough water. If you had proper hydration, you would rarely ever be thirsty. So use that as a marker.” -Bashar

3. Exercise: 

Movement is life, and our bodies need to move. Movement is extremely important for our bodies ability to eliminate waste, old energy and toxins. We need to move our bodies in order to keep all of our muscles and systems active and flowing. When we do not exercise, our bodies become submerged in a pool of old energy and toxins.

4. Stress Reduction: 

This is of paramount importance. Bashar highly recommends that every individual include some activity in their daily life to reduce stress. Stress damages your immune system and puts incredible strain on your body, emotions and mind. There are many activities that are scientifically proven to reduce stress, such as meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, grounding/earthing, exercise, correct diet, music and simply doing things that bring you joy.

5. Cleansing/Detoxing:

It is very important to cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins and heavy metals. Detoxification is an ongoing process through diet and lifestyle that is accelerated through supplements, certain foods and cleansing rituals such as juice fasting. I will soon be posting more articles relating to detoxification, foods and potent natural supplements that can be added to your diet to assist with detoxification.

6. Lightening Diet: 

Bashar recommends that we lighten our diets by eating mostly high water-containing foods like fruit and vegetables. He recommends a plant-based, raw and organic diet. On the contrary to popular belief; the lighter our diet- the less we need to eat.

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