About Us

Who We Are:

11:11 offers a unique collection of inspirational t-shirts and gifts that dare to provoke thought, challenge ignorance and/or promote positive global change.

Why T-Shirts:

The way we see it a t-shirt is a billboard, it’s an advertising space. When you wear a t-shirt out in public, you’re potentially exposing it to hundreds or even thousands of people at any given moment. We’re using that opportunity to raise awareness and inspire conversation.

Why 11:11:

More and more people around the world are experiencing what’s known as the 11:11 calling. What does 11:11 mean? Well, it’s different for different people and the theories vary: a sign of synchronicity, of spirit, a cosmic gate, a call to action. Overall, a sort of ‘Wake Up Call’ for humanity. 

Learn more about the number 11:11 here.

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