What Do You Do at 11:11?

What do you do at 11:11?

Many people around the world are drawn to the number 11:11 and tend to notice it on a regular basis. But what happens when they see it?

We asked our Facebook community: What do you do at 11:11?
The results were heart-warming and inspiring! We’ve compiled some of our favorite answers below:

  • “Bless my Mom in Heaven”
  • “Think of a positive affirmation and then a happy thought”
  • “High Five those around me! ✋✋✋”
  • “Pray. <3”
  • “Think why! Why do I keep seeing 11 11?! Drives me nuts”
  • “Say hi to my baby sister who passed in 2006 .. we always saw 11:11 when we spent time together.”
  • Breathe and appreciate life”
  • “Speak to God!”
  • “Notice that it’s 11:11…”
  • “Text my Son every time I see it and he does the same to me!”
  • “Prayer for our veterans.”
  • “Dream of a better place.”
  • “Make wishes”
  • “At this point, I just say thank you.”
  • Say a prayer 🙏
  • “Thank my Angels for all my blessings”
  • “Think about the 3 friends i know with the same birthday”
  • “Wish for the peace of my loved ones 🤍”
  • “I got married”
  • “Say hello to my dad.”
  • “I say thank you for my many blessings and especially, thank you for the ones I didn’t see!”
  • “I say hello to my dad they originally were his numbers! Before I understood the meaning…. Now it has 2 meanings ❤️1111❤️”
  • “Close my eyes and breathe.”
  • “Snapshot and add what I was thinking about at that time.”
  • “Always thank the angels”
  • “I celebrated my birthday 🎂”
  • “Whomever I’m with I say I love you.”
  • “Thank God”
  • Stop and thank the universe for the hello. 11:11 is a very high power”
  • “Text my sister 🥰”
  • “I see it very often, and then I know that whatever is happening is significant. I take it as a sign and confirmation.”

There’s no question 11:11 has a significant and spiritual meaning for many. Those who take the time to pause and acknowledge it in such a positive way are contributing positive energy and intention to their own lives, to the people around them, and on the planet as a whole.

Do you see it, too? Share with us in the comments what you do at 11:11!

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